Ethiopia biking and cycling adventures from Addis Ababa through one of the outskirt of the capital for long as well as short duration across the high plateau and into the gorge of the horn of Africa is unforgettable experience for unique adventure travel seekers. This tour passes through some spectacular countryside and traverses some the culturally rich territory of the Ethiopia ethnic groups including Amhara, Oromo, Gurage and more people of the Abyssinian highlands, and samples some of the wonderful hospitality of the country. Overland biking through this ancient wonderful country one can meet and experience the culturally diverse people and the scenery seem to get more and more wonderful every day.

For those looking for the challenge and adventure of a lifetime and want to explore and ride overland through some of Ethiopia’s most rugged and spectacular countryside by bike OVERLAND Ethiopia Tours offers bicycle tour to Ethiopia. Participants will be exhilarated by the rich culture 3000 years of history thriving agricultural; and geographical and environmental diversity of the country. Ethiopia is melanges of industrious cities and vast rural populations that reflect traditional culture and values.

Travelers will have opportunities to meet rural villagers, craftsmen, educators and officials to learn about the day to day life and the changing role of women; to attend and shop in local vibrant markets; to wander in historical, cultural and archeological sites of empires and kingdoms dating back many centuries and to enjoy the extraordinary friendliness of the people and inspirational beauty of the Abyssinian highlands. This awe-inspiring corner of Africa is virtually undiscovered by Westerners.