Discover the Abyssinian highlands on horseback; riding in traditional as well as luxurious style on local horses through various ecosystems and dramatic scenery and National Parks which is inhabited by many rare endemic species of wildlife. All in all, Ethiopia is a land of diverse natural wonders, vast ancient history as well as a land of welcoming and fun loving people. It is a perfect destination for any adventure holiday. “BUT WHY BY HORSE”?  Because the high plateaus of the country have to rate as some of the best riding ground in the world; since Ethiopians who live among these plateaus are still to this day a people of the horse; because you will get to see the country like no one else; and because its inhabitants will receive you like their own when they see you riding like them. Forget the images of a parched and dried up land: this is the quintessential Ethiopia of babbling brooks, yellow flowers and smiling pastors. Our mounts, a mixture of the famed Abyssinian ponies renowned to this day for their polo playing abilities and of the descendants of Emperor Haile Selassie’s stable of Lipizzaner, Arabs and race horses, will whisk you over the plains, from Orthodox monastery to rural settlements, from picturesque mountains to dramatic gorges . . . and more. This is sure to be an amazing way to see a land barely changed from biblical times. Rides are available for all levels even if you are a non-rider. Each holiday can be tailor-made to your exact requirements with flights, car rental, non-riding extensions and horse riding holiday travel insurance as you wish. Relax in luxury and experience an adventurous safari on horseback. Let’s explore and ride together over the unique, stunning and remarkable highland of Abyssinia!

  • HIGHLIGHT: Horse riding adventures overland across the high plateau of the Horn of Africa. This program explores and overland above spectacular countryside and the culturally divers of the Abyssinian highlands.
  • RIDING CONDITIONS: Some mountainous terrain, moderate elevation (2000 – 3000m)
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Mostly in camp, using first class mobile tents, camping gears and hotels according to the availability.
  • VAN SUPPORT: Yes, we use all the way one 4WD Land Cruiser or Minibus depending on the size of the group and road condition of the area to carry the Chef, food stuff as well as camping gears.
  • RIDING ABILITY: It’s recommended having ability to walk, trot and canter.
  • STARTING AND ENDING POINT: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: Walking and hiking