Ethiopia photography tours cater to photography enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. Most tours have only ten participants per departure, allowing plenty of opportunities for mentor-participant interactions and personalized mentoring. Amateur photographers build upon their photography skills and get a chance to explore new avenues in photography. Serious hobbyists benefit from our homework of scouting the right locations, right timings and the lighting. Beginners on our tours learn about the basics of photography, through condensed sessions and on-field assistance from our Photography Mentor.

Street life or documentary photographers can wander around for days and see interesting topics on the streets and around every corner. Ethiopia also has rich resource of natural scenery, such as the Simien and Bale Mountains National Parks, the Danakil Depression and Erta Ale Volcanoes. Between its ancient wonders and its vibrant ethnic traditions, Ethiopia presents a rare chance for photographers to document fascinating cultures barely touched by the centuries. In the Omo River Valley, meet and photograph diverse peoples who distinguish themselves with elaborate body paint, scarification, and lip plates. Document bustling market scenes, and train your lens on the exquisite underground churches and sacred world heritage site of Lalibela.

Let us take you to the most photographed places in Ethiopia to meet its ancient wonders and its vibrant ethnic traditions. All the arrangements and attractions of our photography tours are considerately designed for you to get an in-depth of Ethiopia’s history, landscapes and cultures. We humbly acknowledge that many of our past guests have been skilled photographers, some working for travel magazines. We insist on helping you discover the best photography locations, and showing you the best of Ethiopia.