White water rafting has expanded rapidly to be came a hugely popular activity enjoyed on all the continents. Ethiopia’s rivers, perhaps surprisingly played an important role in the internationalization of this blend of sport, ecotourism and adventure.

Omo river

The most rewarding and adventure white water rafting can be done over the Omo River, as it is too the way to reach south Omo region. The river is high enough navigable during September and October for most of its length. Along this adventure explorers will raft passing through the 1500-meter-deep serenity canyon, as well as admiring magnificent Wolita villages, water falls, swimming holes and hot springs. In addition to these hippos, crocodiles, monkey, various antelopes as well as lion as a bonus are often encountered on the way. The short days rafting trip can be end at the bridge on the Sodo – Jimma road, while the longest trip will continue in to south Omo valley, offering contacts with the Nyangatom, Bodi, Mursi and Kwegu tribal groups. The majority of the journey is on flat water, and no experience is required.

Highlight Itineraries:
  1. Upper Omo and lower Omo with tribal route from 16 – 27 days.
  2. Lower Omo with tribal route 17 days and
  3. Upper and lower omo upto lake Turkana 22 days.

Blue Nile River

White water rafting is also can be done on the famous Blue Nile River, where attracting various well organized and successful rafting expeditions, crossing through the dramatic and magnificent Blue Nile gorge the largest cited canyon in Africa, and often comparable with the America’s Grand Canyon and the Namibia’s Fish River Canyon.


  1. The relatively unexplored section of the Blue Nile River between Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Falls has a lot to show you, from beautiful calm water floats to screaming whitewater. There is excellent access to the river throughout, allowing for a variety of possible trips. Between these areas, we offer one – four days rafting trips, reside overnight in cute local villages or first class camping along the river.
  2. Leaving Lake Tana equally with the Blue Nile River we will arrange 16 days rafting adventures, which allow you to meet and experience the Abyssinian highlanders; old bridges built by Portuguese and crossing the Blue Nile gorge the significant geographical landmark. This journey will be bringing to an end at the Blue Nile Bridge.
  3. The other interesting long day (maximum of 45 days) rafting adventure can be start around Wollo province in the river called “Engibar” and ends around Assosa region [850km].

Awash River

Bordering and traverses the Awash National park, some twenty-eight kilometers (17 miles) stretch of the Awash River offers outstanding short day rafting vacation, featuring lots of spirited rapids, wildlife and impressive rugged cliffs and side canyons. The trip starts at the Awash falls, with paddling drill in the foaming pool below and the rapids follow one often another with sharp drops, narrow channels, and fast currents.

Colobus and vervet monkeys stare from the tamarinds and figs lining the banks, and baboons, waterbucks’ warthog and lesser kudu come down to the river and monitor lizards scurry along the banks. A sacred hot spring, where the Kereyu ethnic group offerings of colored string, cloth, brass bangles and cowries in the gnarled trees that shade the bath temperature rock pool is a great place for a camping overnight.