Ethiopia bird watching tours that will takes you to most of the bird watching sites in the country. It will enable you to search all of Ethiopia’s endemic birds. It takes you to Debre Libanos, north of Addis Ababa, Awash National park, the rift valley lakes region, Wondo Genet, Bale Mountain National Park and the road south through the Harenna forest as well as to Yabello, the Jemma River valley the escarpment north west of Addis Ababa.





Day 1: Arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International airport. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Daytrip to the monastery of Debre Libanos area. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: Morning journey east to Awash national reserve. Overnight Hotel

Day 4: Full day birding around Awash national reserve.  Overnight Hotel

Day 5: Head to Lake Langano and visit Abiyata – Shalla. Overnight Hotel

Day 6: To Wendo Genet forest and woodland expanses. Overnight Hotel

Day 7: Journey to the Bale Mountains national park. Overnight Camping

Day 8: Stay around Bale mountains national park.   Overnight Camping

Day 9: Keep on birding in Sanettie and Harenna forest. Overnight Hotel

Day 10: Drive to the smallest rift valley lake of Awassa. Overnight Hotel

Day 11: Head towards Yabello for some endemic birds.  Overnight Hotel

Day 12: Stay birding around Yabello wild life sanctuary. Overnight Hotel

Day 13: Set off to Langano visiting some localized birds. Overnight Hotel

Day 14: Drive back to Addis Ababa and in the evening departure to home.

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Ethiopian Bird Watching Tours 24 Days

The highland escarpments form the most typical of Ethiopian habitats for birds and offer a number of species not found elsewhere in sub – Saharan Africa, like the Golden Eagle, Red – Billed Chough and Ruddy Shelduck; other endemics include Rouget’s Rail and the Spot – breasted Lapwing. More than 50 species of birds inhabit the Simien Mountains National Park, including the impressive Bearded Vulture, or Lammergeyer, with its 10-foot (3m) wingspan. Bale Mountains National Park in the highlands is another popular birdwatchers’ paradise.

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There is perhaps no region of the world, which harbors so many varieties of birds, several of them, unique or endemic as Ethiopia’s highlands and lowlands. Ethiopia has emerged as one of the foremost birding destinations on the African...