This package focuses on the annual celebration of Saint Mary at Axum fall on 30th of November, the festival that is attended by tens of thousands of people from all over Ethiopia, making it one of the most joyous annual pilgrimages in Axum, the “sacred city of the Ethiopians”.

In addition to the celebration of Saint Mary, this cultural and historical adventure takes you through the rich historical, archaeological, religious and natural attractions of Ethiopia, which encompasses the historical towns of Bahir Dar, Gondar, Askum, Mekelle, and Lalibela. A boat cruise over Lake Tana is arranged to visit old monasteries on the islands and with some distance drive from Bahir Dar, Blue Nile Falls will be visited. In Gondar which is known as the Camelot of Africa the royal enclosure will be visited. On the way to Axum the magnificent mountain scenery of the Simien Mountains will be seen. After visiting the ancient city of Axum and its archaeological sites, you precede to Lalibela for the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela dated back to 12th and 13th century, often referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the World”.






Day 1: November 23: Arrive at Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: November 24: Head to Debre Markos. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: November 25: Journey to Bahir Dar.   Overnight Hotel

Day 4: November 26: Visit around Bahir Dar. Overnight Hotel

Day 5: November 27: Head north to Gonder.  Overnight Hotel

Day 6: November 28: Trip to Simien massifs. Overnight Hotel

Day 7: November 29: Journey to Axum. Overnight Yeha Hotel

Day 8: November 30: Attend annual festival.  Overnight Hotel

Day 9: December 01: See the sights in Axum.Overnight Hotel

Day 10: December 02: Head towards Adigrat. Overnight Hotel

Day 11: December 03: Depart to Mekelle city. Overnight Hotel

Day 12: December 04: Morning trip to Lalibela.Overnight Hotel

Day 13: December 05: Visit the rock churches. Overnight Hotel

Day 14: December 06: Yimrehanne Christos.  Overnight Hotel

Day 15: December 07: Journey to Kombolcha.Overnight Hotel

Day 16: December 08: Head towards Awash.  Overnight Hotel

Day 17: December 09: Discover Awash Park. Overnight Hotel

Day 18: December 10: Drive back to the capital for departure.

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